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There is no doubt that local Boston authorities take keeping the integrity of the sewer system seriously. Any restaurant owner who fails to do their part in keeping their grease traps properly cleaned is quickly identified and fined. In some cases, restaurants can even be closed because of failure to comply with local standards. Knowing this, restaurant owners do their best to keep up to speed with their grease trap pumping and cleaning routine. However, there is a mistake that we find is common- restaurant owners take grease trap cleaning into their own hands. This is disastrous because the Boston City Code requires a professional, licensed, certified company to perform this cleaning. There is a good reason why the Health Department is strict, and we’ll go into more detail in this article.

First of all, let’s discuss some things that determine how frequent your grease trap needs pumping or cleaning. A lot depends on the size of your establishment and the amount of greasy food you serve, along with the number of customers you serve daily. Then, the kind of oil you use for cooking is another factor considered and, finally, the water quality in the area.

When you work with us at Boston Grease Trap Services, you can be sure that all these factors are carefully examined before implementing a cleaning schedule. To make sure you are getting the best services, we first conduct a thorough inspection and make necessary recommendations. This way, you can be sure that the price we offer is the most affordable in the City and that it is according to the needs of your business. In Boston, MA, there is no other company that can meet our standards.

The importance of grease trap cleaning

The City of Boston has always invested a lot of money in maintaining the integrity of the sewer systems. With the growing needs of the City, the BWSC Engineering Department annually replaces the combined sewers with sanitary sewers and storm drains to reduce the amount of combined sewer pipe into eh system. Such measures ensure that the City sewer system continues to work correctly. Clearly, issues such as clogging and overflows need to be prevented at all costs. This is where grease traps and grease interceptors come in. Grease traps prevent FOG from entering the sewer system, and regular maintenance ensures that they continue to do their job. Boston Grease Trap Services is one of the few companies that have the equipment and trained crew to carry out grease trap pumping.

There are many benefits to following the maintenance schedule set out by the local authorities:

  • Peace of mind. You can sleep well at night, knowing that all the waste from your restaurant is being disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible. This means that your company is doing its part in making sure that our beloved City never faces disastrous overflows or blockage.
  • Safety from penalties and fines. The City has invested millions in its sewer system, so it is no wonder why local authorities are always ready to fine any violators. Keeping up-to-date on your grease trap cleaning means you never have to face such fines.
  • Safety of your employees and customers. A routine of grease trap cleaning means that hazardous fungi and pathogens are kept away from your employees and customers.

Boston Grease Trap Services has been serving the City for decades, which has allowed us to gain valuable experience in the field. With the growing number of grease trap models, our team makes it a point always to learn how to work with newer models. No matter what type of grease trap you own, our team has the skill to clean it successfully. As residents of Boston, we are thoroughly familiar with the local code and always use the best safety methods in the field.

Our team is always aware of any changes in regulations in City Code, so you can be assured that everything we do for your business is still in compliance. With our help, your grease trap will always function at its best. We have learned from our years of experience that grease recycling is not still a good idea and often results in unnecessary taxes for your business. We also know that standard methods, such as bacterial treatments, are not in compliance with local ordinances.

Why choose us over our competition?

Boston Grease Trap Services has everything you need to keep your grease traps performing correctly. We not only have the best crew at our disposal, but we also have invested in high-tech pump trucks to get the job done as efficiently as possible. We highly value loyalty and always put the needs of our clients above our own. We are willing to suffer a loss to give our clients the best. Since we have established excellent relationships with our clients, we always keep them safe from fines or penalties.

The local authorities know our company as being among the few who are PPP members and follow local ordinances. This excellent reputation is something we do our best to maintain, and we realize that the way we treat our clients has a reflection on us. We genuinely care for your business and do our best to make your life easier.

Call us today at 617-553-1789 and leave your grease trap cleaning up to us.



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