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There is only one grease trap company in Boston, MA, that exceeds the rest in its experience in grease trap cleaning services. Boston Grease Trap Pumping has been serving the restaurant owners in City for decades and has left a mark that not many can reach. Boston is known for the role it played in the American Revolution, as highlighted in the Freedom Trail, but the historical value of the City is just the beginning. Boston is laced with parks and a host of museums for you to enjoy, not to mention the cuisine that can satisfy all your food cravings. This bustling City has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade, especially in the food industry. The unique cuisine Boston has adopted has become part of its identity.

With more and more food establishments popping out in the City, officials have to work hard to ensure that the greasy waste produced never reaches the pipelines. Restaurant owners wisely install bigger pipes to combat the problem of FOG, but the City officials require even more. Considering what is at stake if the sewer clogs or overflows, restaurant owners need to partner with grease trap cleaning companies to handle the problem of grease.

Working with a certified, licensed, and insured grease removal company ensures that your restaurant complies with the local standard of grease disposal. Only professional companies possess the right equipment, such as pump trucks and hydro-jet power washes to remove grease in the best manner possible. Boston Grease Trap Services has all the necessary skills and tools to handle large grease removal jobs that are common in big commercial kitchens in the City. City officials in Boston are aware of our high caliber services and never give our clients a hard time because they are confident in our ability.

Why grease trap pumping is important

Restaurant owners in Boston require regular grease trap pumping to be scheduled for their commercial kitchens, and this is a job that deserves a high priority. Removing grease from your trap or interceptor is a delicate job best left to the experts. As a restaurant owner, there are two essential things you need to know regarding grease trap pumping.

First of all, you should be aware of all the guidelines set out by the Boston Health Code. These regulations determine how regular you should clean your grease trap, how to grease waste ought to be disposed of, among other things. No one is exempted from following these guidelines, so they are worth getting familiar with, whether you are a big business or a small café. Once a grease trap is installed, the local authorities also require regular maintenance to be performed on schedule. This maintenance is only to be done by a certified company qualified for the job.

Another thing to remember is the frequency of grease trap pumping for your business. Several factors contribute to the required rate of pumpings, such as the amount of oily food you cook and the type of

business you own. With these considerations in mind, a fixed schedule of maintenance can be developed that should be followed carefully.

How much does grease trap pumping cost

The cost is one of the most critical concerns for any business owner. To reduce the cost of maintenance, some restaurant owners put off pumping but later regret this decision. If you work with Boston Grease Trap Services, you never have to worry about being overcharged. Our team has come up with a tailored approach that we follow before providing a fixed price. This is possible by conducting a thorough inspection of your business, noting the size of your business, and the amount of greasy food you serve. With this information, we are prepared to provide a reasonable estimate that fits your business. This way, you are never overcharged nor undercharged for our services.

The price of the grease trap or interceptor pumping depends on a number of factors. One of these factors is the location of your chambers and whether they are accessible by our pump trucks. If your grease interceptor chambers are located in a convenient location, we can lower the cost, but this can increase if they are situated in a hard-to-reach area.

These are the reasons why we believe in conducting an on-site inspection before providing any prices.

Why regular pumping is essential

Grease trap interceptor pumping is essential for several reasons. On top of the list is that it saves your business from having to pay hefty fines, penalties, and other fees because of non-compliance. If you don’t follow regular grease trap pumping, you may also need emergency grease pumping, which is more expensive. The authorities are stringent when it comes to sewer blockages, and you can even face jail time if the issue is serious.

Following a schedule of grease trap pumping can prevent all these problems from happening. With a company like ours at your side, you won’t have to worry about future issues of maintenance or issues with the authorities for non-compliance.

Give us a call at 617-553-1789. We will be glad to schedule an on-site visit and offer you a free estimate.

Our grease trap pumping and cleaning is unmatched in Boston

Boston Grease Trap Services has been serving the City restaurants long before the recent boom in the food industry. Through our years of service, we have come up with the best practices that ensure efficient grease trap pumping all the time. We have taken the time to select the best professionals in the filed, so we always have the right crew with us. Since we have a lot of experience, we can take care of any grease trap or interceptor model that you own. The wellbeing of the City is our top concern, so we do our part to ensure the most eco-friendly practices.

Boston Grease Trap Services owns several vacuum systems that are designed to handle different sizes of grease traps. Give us a call today and leave your greasy mess in our hands.



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